Hi everyone! I just joined this group because I've been feel

Hi everyone! I just joined this group because I've been feeling so unconfident and sad about my acne lately. I recently had a flare up after I thought that I had gotten things under control (probably because my prescription cream isnt as effective on my skin anymore). I've come to terms with the fact that I have oily acne-prone skin but what's worse is that I almost always get hyperpigmentation scars afterwards and my face is completely full of them :/ . I hate the feeling of knowing that people are staring at my skin because of my scars. It makes me feel so insecure when people look at my skin like I have some kind of scary disease and even though I know better, I still avoid social events and meeting new people because of it. I don't know anybody else with heavy scarring and acne like mine so I was wondering if you guys think I'm being overly paranoid or if you can relate to those same feelings. And do you have any tips on getting past it? Looking forward to chatting with you all!

Hello Elisa. I understand that the prescription is no longer working. I think that they are not designed to work for long periods of time. I do know that Amway.com has a wonderful acne skin care product. I am a believer in the Amway lotions and skin care. Walmart stopped working Amazon was making my skin itchy. A family friend brought me Amway. Wow a big difference. Take care. Also there are scar ointments or oils that may help with scaring a lil later on. Because the ointment can cause further acne. There is this antibiotic soap for body can help too.

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@Sunshine@me amway is a good product i havent used it for years i think ill look into it again.