Hi everyone. I'm also new here. I've been really going throu

Hi everyone. I'm also new here. I've been really going through it with my husband who is addicted to meth and feeling so lost and unsure what to do anymore so I hoped reaching out to others with the same issues could provide me some comfort and insight. He was released from prison back in May and was doing great until he met people in the city he was paroled to that are users. It's been a downward spiral ever since. I'm in a city about 45 min away and have tried to spend as much time with him as I can but it has gotten to the point now that everytime I leave he starts ignoring me and I don't hear from him for days cause he's using and knows I will know just by talking to him. So now I feel as if he would rather avoid me and use than have me in his life. Like he's choosing the drug over me. I've threatened to leave him and he doesn't even seem to care. People keep telling me it's the addiction not him. I just don't know what to do anymore or if I can even help him. It's breaking my heart.

You care more than he deserves. It's not your fault. But it doesn't look like he wants to stop enough to get himself the help he needs. Some people need to hit rock bottom, sadly. : ( And yes, some will chose their addiction over their family and loved ones.

My own father was in and out of prison on heroin. He lost my mother and we kids and still kept using, then lost his second wife and his son, my half brother but still kept using. Finally he was busted for bank robbery and sent to prison where he got sober. He became really religious, born again and changed his life after all of that but he was in his 50s and his kids were all grown by then. So I did reconcile with him and forgave him. But I do think some addicts are willing to lose literally everyone and everything. Take a look down Skid Row one day or any homeless mission and you’ll see what I mean.