Hi Everyone! I'm new here, just signed up like 5 mins ago. T

Hi Everyone! I'm new here, just signed up like 5 mins ago. This pandemic is hitting us all the same way. The isolation, the restrictions, the anxiety and depression. Mine is like a seesaw, up and down at random times. Sometimes, at a bad day, I would just cry it out until I fall asleep. The good thing is it really does help, like releasing that emotion and I would feel better wen I wake up. I've been looking for means to connect to people. Like real and genuine people who are facing the same. Cause I know only those who experiences the same can fully understand. I have really good friends, but they also have their own priorities and family to look after and sometimes I don't want to bug them over my own silly situation. Anyway, I like going through here and even reading other's post distracts me from my own struggle and I do also gather wisdom from them. I hope and pray this crazy Covid crap ends already so we can all again be free. Hope you all are having a good day!

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I have felt very alone since covid I live on my own and my family live a long way from me ,I have never felt this bad b4 and it is affecting my mental health

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I am the same way. I live by myself. Both my parents are gone and my brothers have their own families. I have been independent even before but this is just really tough. We have been on on and off lockdown and so may restrictions that we just have to stay home. Netflix sometimes helps. Work sometimes help. Doing chores sometimes helps. I even got myself this keyboard and DIY painting stuff but there are just those days that you don't wanna get out of bed and feel so hopeless and like there is no purpose in life anymore. So I feel you, but just hang in there. I am also doing my best to just stay sane. Sending you virtual hugs!

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Yes I agree. this is a different season of time we all live in. I pray along with you that this ends soon. I also am overcoming anxiety and a survivor of 3 deep depressions over the years. It is good to connect with others of similar situations to help each other. what have you tried to do to help get thru the moments? here if you wish to talk...