Hi guys, I'm really struggling right now. I've been pulling

Hi guys, I'm really struggling right now. I've been pulling on and off since I was about 17 (Im 21 now). As far as I know, this habit has never been visible to others and it hasn't caused any bald patches on my scalp so generally not many people in my life know about it. I like to think this means it isn't as bad as I think it is, but it really messes with my self esteem. I also have trichophagia and I recently learned that this can lead to a really dangerous hairball in the stomach. I don't have any of the symptoms of this as far as I know, but it is making me really anxious and scared. I really need some support right now.

@pineconepixie Have you seen a therapist/counselor for this before? Especially since you also have trichophagia, I don’t know much about trichophagia but I have heard about treatment for it before.

No I haven't :( I keep thinking I can get rid of it on my own. I never knew it was as serious as it was until I read what can possibly happen with trichophagia.

@pineconepixie If you can I would suggest you look into it. It may help. I went to CBT/EBT treatment for this and it did help for me. I heard they can give you medication for trichophagia but I’m not sure about the treatments for it.