Hi guys wanted your opinion on something a poem I wrote for

Hi guys wanted your opinion on something a poem I wrote for my counselor.
You showed me light when there only dark how to care with one's heart you where a Saint sent from above to guide me on my way I was lost I was broken and as a token of my gratitude I send you this poem today Hoping one day I'll have the words to say that I was glad you where sent my way in lifes mysterious way everything happens for a reason that I do believe in maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but with every beat in my chest my or the sunset my heart can finally rest knowing that I am getting help from the very best.

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love love love it!!!!:)

I write love poems to so maybe later on I might put sime up to try and cheer people up

I'd love if ud read the few comments for others about me that I e written about my experience and write a beautiful to cheere up ?;). Wld cherish it! And much need it;)

You lost your husband didn't you well I don't know if this will help let me know but you loved him so this is for you and him what I think he'd say to you right now.

Where two hearts two minds two souls entwine we had one life one chance to see how powerful this love is ment to it's in your eyes it's in your smile that's why my heart runs a mile when your near I will never fear as your here I love and deeply care for you as this love was so true your were always their even when it was bad we will always be two hearts two minds two souls entwine I will love you from the sky as you are my cherry pie I will keep an eyes from the sky.

Stay strong my friend you will be ok I send my hugs to you if you need anything or to be cheered up let me know