Hi, I am a man who's been struggling with erectile dysfuncti

Hi, I am a man who's been struggling with erectile dysfunction the last 5 years (I'm 60). I feel so alone. I decided to look for support groups and I feel very fortunate to have found this group!

The burden of shame I feel regarding this issue is really big at times. My wife wants sex a lot and I'm starting to feel traumatized by my condition -- like, here we go again, it's not gonna work, can't get hard. I would like to find self acceptance of my condition rather than be so mean to myself about it.
If you can relate or have any thoughts about this, I would be grateful to hear from you. I just feel too alone in this. Thank you.

Hi, I too suffer from ED. I’m quite a few years younger than you, but I can relate to the same feelings. I feel almost scared to have sex because I know the outcome. I find myself envious of men my age that are able to have sex constantly, while I’m lucky if I can have successful sex maybe once a month. How have you been able to cope with this? I need help too. Talking about it sometimes makes me feel worse, but I do feel some sense of relief seeing peoples posts on this page. No matter what, you’re not alone with how you feel

TowardsUnity, years back, a buddy of mine that I knew well and we could talk easily with one another, also had ED. He was much older than I was. He could have sex for a short time. But never accomplish the task. One thing about sex, there is much more to it than just intercourse. There is four play and after play. A woman can be satisfied over and over and over again. And though he could not give his wife intercourse. He satisfied her in many other ways. To many men put to much emphasis on the "Grab it and Grunt" method. But your fingers and mouth can give much more pleasure and many more times than an erect penis.

Hi. I suffer from ED too and my wife has started wanting sex way more since starting HRT but my libido hasn't kept up, it was the other way round a few years ago but I understood and didn't pressure her. Unfortunately my wife isn't as understanding since the shoe is on the other foot and I'm left feeling inadequate and that I let her down. I want to try but feel that if it doesn't happen I'll be blamed because of the ED so the circle will start again. Always my fault. Hope you find a compromise.