Hi, I am a recovered/recovering sugar addict. I spent a life

Hi, I am a recovered/recovering sugar addict. I spent a lifetime trying to eat sugar like normal people, which 9/10 times ended in a binge or overeating a "serving size." Food and weight thoughts consumed mind for 30 years, until I found help at a treatment center (Shades of Hope in Texas) that recognizes sugar addiction is real for a segment of the population. I am one of them. I lost 100lbs (have kept it off for 6 years) and am happy, joyous and free. Never did I think this would be possible for me. I am a low bottom sugar addict who got out of bed at night to eat. It's a miracle and has been the biggest blessing. I found this blog searching for a nutritionist in Dallas, TX who understands sugar addiction and can work people who identify as such. Does anyone have a recommendation? I'm grateful I could share a bit of my story in the process as I am available to share my story and help anyone who wants help.

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Hugs and welcome! So proud of your determination!

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@CKBlossom Thank you so, so much!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your story! It's inspiring!

@LillyRiver Thank you LillyRiver! I am finally living life the way I always wanted. Everyone deserves freedom and happiness and I am passionate about helping others recover. If I can do it, anyone can. I’m always available to chat or help in any way.