Hi, I am having a BIG MORAL DELEMA. I am Ukrainian, and I mo

Hi, I am having a BIG MORAL DELEMA. I am Ukrainian, and I moved away from my family 10 years ago due to intense emotional abuse. Now, beacuse of the war, my mom wants to move to US and wants me to help her do it. During these 10 years we had multiple issues and sometimes didn't spoke for 6 months. I am TERRIFIED of the idea of her coming to US and living with me or next to me. I am litteraly TERRIFIED. At the same time, it's war, and I don't want them to die. I offered them to pay for a place in a city in Ukraine where it is safe - Uzhgorod on the border with Poland. I am originally from Kharkiv, the city that is on the border with Russia and it's very dangerous there. She got upset, refused, and now telling her friends that I am a bad daughter and so on.... Any advise would help.

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How did this turn out, where you able to get her to safety while maintaining your much needed distance?

Honestly, you did offer to help. That was nice of you. She declined your help moving to a safe place. If you want you can offer her support moving somewhere else, but state that like I said I dont want to live in the same city as my family unfortubately. It’s my personal boundary, but Im happy to help you move somewhere safe of your choosing.