Hi! I am new here, so I am not sure how this works. However,

Hi! I am new here, so I am not sure how this works. However, I am in a committed relationship, but am struggling with the feeling of being lonely within the relationship. I don't have much of a support group since I was kicked out of my house a couple of years ago before I moved in with my partner in regards to being with a woman. My parents disagreed with my "lifestyle", so they had told me I needed to move out. I ended up relocating out of state with my partner. I am happy with my partner, but I am struggling with being consistently happy. If that makes sense. Has anyone been through anything similar?

I think it makes some sense, when we are used to things being bad and they become good most of the time it feels like, like something is wrong, maybe you are feeling lonely because its a new city and maybe the only person you know is your partner and you are missing your friends, is that something like that? cuz if it is, the only way is to go out and meet new people, good that you are happy with your partner!

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@nicekiwi That makes sense…I am used to a lot of bad happening so it is difficult think differently when you are in a new place. I have like one friend that talks to me, but other than that, I don’t have anyone to talk too. My partner’s family comes over to the house and spends time with us…that helps a bit, but it’s not the same because I don’t have my own support system just in case me and my partner don’t work out.

I’ve been in a marriage for 20 years I have 2 kids and my husband does not seem to be able or interested in making me an important part of his day by talking to me or spending time with me. Whenever we make plans I’m the one who makes them. I feel very alone especially when he puts sports excercise tv betting over talking to me. I need a supportive partner who is equally interested or able to give. I tell him how I feel and he gets defensive then yells at me and then ignores me for days sometimes. I need support. I want to do counseling with him but he doesn’t want to. I’m feeling very bad and alone.

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That is tough to go through…I am sorry to hear he doesn’t take the time for your guys relationship! How are you doing with the relationship this week? @Francesca72