Hi! I need support in order to continue living and live in b

Hi! I need support in order to continue living and live in better way.
It sounds and feels so selfish to really seek support from idk whom, but I am desperate.

I have joined this platform after 3 years. I am in a difficult stage of my life and I am trying break past the toxic pattern my mind is adapted to, hence, I felt thi utmost important to connect here, so I don't feel alone...
To be brief, today is when my 1 year 6 months relation has ended and it was the kind where one is introduced to real love and right way of living.
And recently I had to accept and learn to move on from the fact that my 2 so called best friends from past 12 years are just a couple of people I went to school with .. that's it.
Now the real reason I'm here is, few months ago I was in therapy and I ran out of it the moment my family got to know and they started taking an active role in it.
Now given I'm going through a major emotional change I'm worried I might slip down back into it.

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Family can sometimes be an obstacle to healing, sadly. I hope their knowing actually helped. And your trying is what counts the most. Growing, healing, isn't always evident very early on. The fruit of things shows over time. Moving on from stagnating relationships, wanted or unwanted can be difficult. Losing anyone can be hard to cope with, especially a romantic partner. I truly hope you will begin to feel a lot less lonely, and maybe this could help. I know coming for support helped me through the worst crisis of my life. Thank God!

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@Scat I hope so too, thanks a lot for your words it means a lot.

Finding out that the people you call friends are not really friends is really a hard pill to swallow. Especially when you are feeling so delicate and emotional. We want other people to value us and sometimes we kid ourselves thinking that its better to have someone even if they are not treating us how we would like to be treated. I think that its a good thing that you are reaching out. I am here to be supportive if you need someone.

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@CanUSeeTheRealMe this means a lot… I might really take u up on that. Thank you

That letting go part is really true, and equally difficult, but I'm hopeful fir now...

@Existence I think that you will find that there are valuable people in the world that can see you and participate in the kind of real friendship you desire. Letting go of relationships hurts, its the hope that you had that you would be fulfilled by the bond that you share. I believe that true friends, the ones worth having in your life, are the ones that will always want the best for you. The ones that value who you are and they want you to succeed and be happy and feel fulfilled in life. Those are the relationships you want to nurture and keep and grow. When we hold on to those who are just there for the sake of satisfying the need to not be alone, we are actually more alone than we realize.

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Hi existence it will take time to get used to being alone if you have been with your ex for awhile. I'm here to talk I supported you if you need to private message.

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@Wolfgurl Thank you for your support. I’ll surely remember to…

This feels so true. Your words are really kind.
As some time has passed since I posted that post, I realise I am better and the words you have mentioned are really playing out TO BE TRUE.