Hi. I'm 42 and infertile. I have endometriosis and Polycysti

Hi. I'm 42 and infertile. I have endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. On top of that, I was injured on the job, which left me with a major back injury as well as nerve damage.

Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a Mom. I dreamed of carrying my own child. Knowing that I will never be a mother breaks my heart. Especially as I've watched my sister in laws get pregnant. I'm not married, or even in a relationship. It's hard to let go of my dream.

That is a difficult dream to let go of --sorry you have to deal w this, especially as you watch fam mbrs progress. I hope eventually your life will bring you contentment and peace.

@Littlesis7 Thank you for your compassion and well wishes. They’re greatly appreciated.

Yes, it truly is. I’ve ALWAYS loved kids, worked with kids, and got along with them. To have them absent in my home, breaks my heart.

Yes, it was very difficult to watch my sister in laws get pregnant (months apart). While one of them was very understanding, the other (who was well aware of all the complications as well as my injury), actually said that I could still get pregnant…when I can’t. The pregnancy would be problematic for my back injury as well as my nerve damage. Her disregard for that alone (when she herself suffers from pain), was hurtful.

I as well, hope that I find peace and happiness. I just hope that I find it sooner rather than later.

Sorry to hear of your struggles. While I am not experienced in the same, I struggled to conceive, you can have a wonderful role in the lives of your nieces and nephews. You can be the cool aunt, the one that plays fun things, or does cool activities with them. It can be a great bond. I know it isn't easy, my sister in law was similar and she does special things with my sons. A huge bond of love from them to her. It is great to see how they light up with her around, which is only every couple of years.

@Griz75 Yes, I have 5 wonderful nephews! Unfortunately, my older brother as well as my sister in law refuse to let me see them if I’m arguing with one of them. It’s their form of punishment. So, even though she hears her boys say “I love you!”, “I miss you!”, and “when will see you again?”, I haven’t seen them in months. It breaks my heart, especially since I’ve been such a big part of their lives! Yes, I’m the fun Aunt! I play with them, tickle them, and pour my love onto them. I love all of them to pieces! Unfortunately, due to my financial si,tuation, I’m unable to take t,hem places. However, they all know that I love them to pieces!