Hi! Im Alize and im 13 and this is my first time on this but

hi! Im Alize and im 13 and this is my first time on this but rn I just need someone who can understand me and how I feel.My acne and stuff is making my self asteem go down BIG TIME. I have a hard time going to school cuz im scared someone will give me bad looks. Currently im on summer break but When school starts up I'll be going to middle school for the first time and all my old bulllies will be there and my new ones so im screwed.Does...Anyone relate to this?...

Just remember acne is not your fault eventually it will go away

I can tell you this. Mainly because we’ve talked a bit. But you are a beautiful young lady. And you have an incredible amount of potential. And I can only imagine the pain you are going through. For that I’m sorry. But you will have the last laugh. When you’re President of the United States.

your circumstance shouldn't stop you from living life. I know what your are feeling, I went through it, my son did too. Have you talked to your parents about perhaps visiting the dermatologist? I took my son because when I was a teen I just didn't talk to my parents to tell them how it made me feel. Write down 3 things you love about yourself. You were created beautiful! God makes no mistake.

@growingrace Thank you,And I’m very sorry you and your son had that problem and I will try hard to talk to my parents it a hard time currently in my house tho but I will try my best.Thank you for the advise and support!