Hi I'm just wondering if this looks like normal acne or wors

Hi I'm just wondering if this looks like normal acne or worse as it's very uncomfortable and sore. It comes in clumps and mainly on my chin and cheeks.

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Try to take another pic because it gets a little blurry when i enlarge it to get a closer look. But yes acne can come in clumps like that and mainly in one area, it does hurt especially the cyst type. I got some stuff from the dermatologist that has calamine lotion in it and it works very well at drying them up so try some calamine lotion blot it on each pimple every night and during the day when you are at home. Change your pillowcase every few days. How long have you had acne like that?

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@Littleturtle1000 will take another photo tonight. I’ve basically had spots for all my teen and adult life but only past year it’s in these clumps and they go away for a bit then come back really strong. I stopped taking birth control not sure if that made it worse or whatever.

Yeha I think she will refer me to one of those but like you say its the cost. And yeah I've heard good things about clique just shame it's not a teeny bit cheaper haha☹️☹️

@Bethh14 try calamine lotion it’s cheap and will help dry them up without being too harsh. Yeah clinique is pricey.