Hi. I'm new here. Just turned 13 and still bedwetting. Nice

Hi. I'm new here. Just turned 13 and still bedwetting. Nice to meet u all.

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Welcome to this site too :)


I use a plastic mattress protector (king size) and a king size waterproof mattress protector on top of that. So far, no damage to mattress. Wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed at night, and sometimes leak. No mattress damage, just air dry the sheets during the day change sheets weekly.

The times at school when you had to change was it just a small amount that you couldn't hold?
The bedwetting store has a disposable liner for guys that just sticks to your underwear with velcro and they are discrete and would not be very noticeable.

Probably could get them at your local drugstore or a big box store like walmart they might be a better option for you if the leaks are kinda small.


Hey Raisin switched over to the bed wetting group in case someone has any issue about chatting about bed wetting in the other group.

Did you tell your mom yet?

@Mikezx a terrible thing happened today. I wasn’t wearing a pullup to school because i thought they would check. The teacher wouldn’t let me leave the classroom and I had an accident. It was the worst day of my life. Im too sad to even type

I supported you.
Theres no way im taking the medication anymore. im 100 percent decided

@Raisin_Boy I sent you a couple of messages not sure if you got them yet

hi i got ur message

Hi I hope you are still here for support if you are still wet in the morning it really is good to talk. Hope to hear back.

Nice to meet you. If you need any advice just let me know