Dealing with food allergies is annoying and I’m tired of it.

Are you able to stay away from the foods you're allergic to? There's also some medicines that can help with having reactions if you accidentally eat something you can't.

Yes I am able to stay away from foods I can’t eat.

Yes, they do suck. All allergies do. My mom and two older sisters have a lot of allergies, including food. I joke that my mom is allergic to everything under the sun. Me, now, I’m allergic to the sun. No lie. They say its a sensitivity to the sun, but I burn and get violently sick every time I go out in it and I live in the South. lol Insert joke here. We all have to carry epipens with us, incase we ingest something we are allergic to. For example, I’m allergic to nuts - all kinds - so my mom went to the store to get me a nut free carrot cake for my birthday, last month. Great I love carrot cake. Well, apparently, the girl making the cake didn’t see the note that said no nuts. She put walnuts in the cake, really fine ones and I had to be rushed to the hospital from the allergy reaction. My next-door neighbor heard about what happend and made me a cake from scratch without nuts. It was the best carrot cake I ever had. It was so sweet of her. So, Yes allergies suck. I feel for you. Do you have major allergies where you have to go to the hospital if you ingest it?

I guess I have to be thankful. There are worse issues in the world.