Hospital again tomorrow hoping for diagnosis

My hospital doctor has tested me for rheumatoid arthritis, but my gp believes I have fibromyalgia I just don't know here's the list of symptoms can anyone help me.

Pain in my whole torso and head the worse is back and ribs
Tired but unable to sleep at night
no appitite
Weight loss
smells make me feel sick
shortness of breath with simply walking to the toilet
Littlw twitches when relaxed
Exhausted after slightest activities
Low blood pressure
Occasionally unsteady on my feet
no attention span get distracted
Forget what I'm doing
Skin hurts to touch in places
Excrusiating pain when showering
Sore tongue n mouth
Hearing goes funny sort of muffled
Sweat when skin is cold
cold feet and hands used to be hot
Often feel cold
Weakness carnt even lift a kettle
crying for no reason or for stupid things
things taste different now
nausea a lot of the time

If u have any helpfull words or advice please reply thankyou.

Hi Cat, is there any way to get a second opinion? I don't have direct experience with what you're going through but I am here to help in any way that I can. I'm sure one of our wonderful Supporters will give you more insight. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hi ye I'm going to ask the doctor at the hospital about my gp's comments and hopefully I should get the arthritis results tomorrow.

Hi Catriona, I think that's great and I am praying that you get a proper diagnosis so that you can receive the right treatment(s). Please let me know how everything goes for you.