How are you feeling?

How has everyone been feeling? It is okay to answer that you aren’t feeling great, or just feeling down…
This is a tough time of year, but our site is here for you to have a safe place to process your feelings.

Im feeling horrible

I have COVID, but I’m doing a little bit better.

Early mornings are especially bleak. Perhaps more so today, when I have to shower, dress, put on a tie and a plastic happy face and go on stage and perform a bizarrely incongruent pantomime.
Another cup of coffee, and I’ll try and improve my attitude before lunch; there actually is much to be thankful for.

We hope that there was some joy to be had over the holiday Jordan. -SG

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Oh no! Are you feeling better? Were you able to get medication to blunt some of the symptoms? -SG

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We truly hope there is more to look forward to once your wife is in a care facility. -SG

Got sick during Thanksgiving, just bummed I can’t seem to bounce back quickly.

We hope you feel better soon. -SG

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I’m doing better now, thank you. Surprisingly, I had been sick for a few days last week, but now this illness has subsided.

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This morning i feel better than yesterday.

Relatively OK. Went to visit family (alone) over Christmas, it was the first time we’ve been all together in the same room since COVID started. Wasn’t as overwhelming as in years past. Got to visit a while with Dad (86 years old) and stay up late talking with my brother & sister-in-law. Got home in time for dinner with neighbors. My mate’s been incongruously kind to me for the past week or so; but there’s still that underlying anxiety, waiting to inadvertently trigger a booby trap.
Not sure it rises to the level of “fun”; I’m pretty anhedonic, but better than years past.

We are so glad you had a good time and that you were able to have some time apart from your mate.

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