How did this happen. Damaged my elbow, finally have surgery

How did this happen. Damaged my elbow, finally have surgery to repair it. 3 1/2 month later, did a curl on a machine before I check d the machine. I even started on the max weight I would have to be able to lift. I didn’t check to see if an extension was needed and while curling, the cable locked up because it had reached the max amount of movement. Pulled the surgery apart. Now at the new job I can’t work well now and hope the Doctorncan repair the damage. Another surgery will take 4 months or so to heal enough to work and a year to heal As much as it can.
I didn’t do it on purpose but I sure feel like an idiot!

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Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! That sounds so painful. Are you sure you have to have surgery again? Could it just be injured?

I will see him Monday.
That is the earliest I could see him.

Doc said i added strain but didn’t destroy what he did. Gave me some exercises. Quit hurting it, it will heal.

@105 Rest helps a lot.

now i am not sure Dr. was correct on not destroying what he did. MRI last night. Cant see doctor for 2 weeks unless something changes.

@105 How are you feeling now? How is the elbow?

105, how are you now? Healed up?

@Sadbeyond how are you feeling?

I am feeling a little better. Doc said to just start using arm and let pain be my guide. If things get worse or don’t get better, let him know. Strain or sprain and inflammation. Take anti inflammatories.
So I will just start using it with caution. Hopefully eventually I will be able to use arm 100% again.
Thank you for asking

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@105 I like to work out. I understand. Injuries just set us back. I feel better when I work out. More energy. It keeps me more positive about everything in my life. It keeps my mind off life problems. It takes me away for a little while. I’m glad you can test the waters. Have fun and resist the urge to over reach on that work out. Glad you’re ok. :slight_smile:

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@105 Yes we do

Elbow is ok. Thank you. Not 100% but good enough.

Did you end up having to have another surgery? Also, so glad to see you back! -SG

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Just one surgery. Thank you

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