How do I get better at getting comfortable with sex

So today we booked a hotel room and went out to eat and came back and this couple next door was having passionate loud sex and it very uncomfortable and nauseating. So I went out for a walk and as I sit and take a break from it I’m sitting here thinking why am I not that in love with my boyfriend anymore or was I ever. I’m mean it’s been a great 5 years and I’m grateful to have him in my life. But I guess I want that love and what is a healthy relationship. I want to get comfortable with it but also get back in love with the person I met.

Hi @adsimon1139 have you always been uncomfortable around sex or is this a new thing, with your relationship specifically, are you two intimate and if not, is this something new or a change you started, but aren’t comfortable with? You can still love him, but after 5 years, not be in love with him. Relationships and sex ebb and flow, anything that happens in the bedroom is normal as long as you and your partner are open about what is going on, communicate openly and are honest with one another. We are so glad you are here and posting. All the best-SG

Uncomfortable around the topic and hearing it if it’s in the room next me and loud
Yes we’re intimate but when I get to that mood I’m in my own world and block everything out

Thank you

It is fine not to be comfortable talking about sex or even being too close to people having sex a wall away. If you are happy with your sex life and your partner is happy, it isn’t an issue. If you want to be more comfortable talking about sex for personal reasons, then start here, if you have a question, ask it. We are here to support you. -SG

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Thank you for saying that. I really need to hear that.

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Just remember, what is normal is a construct, don’t get bogged down by what you think has to be normal. -SG

I think everyone draws their own lines on intimacy and sex. That is far from anything out of the ordinary if you ask me. I’d agree that “normal” is nothing more than a social construct and you feel how you feel, nothing more.

I would have switched rooms! Very inconsiderate of the couple next door. Or maybe they didn’t know you can hear them.