How do I go about cancelling my acceptance to attend a birth

How do I go about cancelling my acceptance to attend a birthday/masquerade party?* I have been taking ages to respond because I'm uncomfortable about booking days of my calendar in advance (Unforeseeable mood and everything, ya know?)
It's only been about a week or so since I said I would come, but it was only later that I discovered it was also a masquerade party. This doesn't suit me. At all. I analyze people to an extend where if I can't, I won't know what to do with myself. However this is not the main reason why I would rather stay away. I've realised that psychedelic substances + cigarettes are simply impossible for me to control. If I am to have any chance of recovery, I must stay totally clear of everything and anything.
If this was just any birthday party it wouldn't be an issue, but this is a good friend of mine and I'm pretty sure she'll get pissed/dramatic/furious at me for pulling back my.... whatever a 'yes, I'll attend' is called in English.
*I really hate this language sometimes. Just learn Danish people!

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Hi T. - You could say after the party that you *were* there and that your costume was an Invisibility Cloak..... That probably doesn't help, right? Or, how about just telling her you're sorry you can't make it. We can say sorry I can't make it (do it) without having to apologize or give excuses. Saying: "Sorry, I can't make it" is always an option. *hugs*

@kisobel But I already said I would come. Do I just say I can’t, and then ride out the storm that is an angry woman?

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