How do you actually stop meth completely?

How do you actually stop meth completely??

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move! distance yourself from everyone who does it! change your phone number, get a new job. That was never my problem, i liked something different. But that's what worked for me.

@Shalia Nj. People, places, things... These are very essential in creating a new environment that is methamphetamine free. Also, it is very good to recognize the associations that link thought and behavior. If learned behavior indicates that you use when you here the words party or get high, then it is your perception that needs adjustment. Perceiving satisfaction is the key to changing the behavior that you wish to be more desirable. What are some healthier satisfactions that you could replace methamphetamine use with? Exercise, proper diet and nutrition, prayer, etc. You have the right idea coming here and getting help. Knowing that you need help is the first of many steps into the road of recovery. In order to break a psychological addiction, you must make behavioral changes. A.A. has a hotline where meetings are readily available for no cost. All that is required is the desire to stop using substance. If you ever want to talk about other effective means to make behavioral changes... message me if you would like. However, if you just want more knowledge of these things look up things on YouTube and they will show you the way to better health. Take care girl.

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There is no real easy way. Either hitting bottom staying strong with help to get off meth. Looking at how meth can wreck your life could help. A lot of other things like counseling, meetings and support groups. But the final decision is yours. It is really addiction that we all are battling. That's what makes it so very hard to get off of it. Never give up!

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Thank you for replying my posts. My last login was 2014, and now it’s 2023. I totally forgot about this support group and back then I was still going on a rough bumpy road. Im glad to say that I am free of meth for 8 years now…

Congrats on that. Feels pretty good still, yeah? Being able to look back and see where your journey in life took you, and how far you’ve made it.

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Yes it does feel good. It’s been tough and hard to get where I am now…thank you for the positive comments and support

That’s good to hear. With our world constantly bombarding us with bad news, it’s always good to hear a success and perseverance story.

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It’s hard, really hard. My ROA was boofing, sometimes slamming or smoking. I was happiest when mixing with h…put me in heaven. Used off and on for years, but before finally quitting, I used heavy for about a year. Hooked to pay my bills and for my habit. Got used in more ways than anyone ever should. I sometimes took selfies, sometimes friends took pics of me. Wasn’t until I saw my last go with meth that I said no more. I had bruises, bite marks, bled from all sorts of places…I finally said enough. The first few weeks or month were brutal. Got a bit easier, brutal again, back and forth…I’m maybe near a year clean…still hooking, but that’s a whole other story. I’m clean, feel good, staying away from people that use…that’s the best way…stay away from other users, stay away from people who make you feel bad or bring you down…start an exercise program…walk, run, swim, be active. Eat healthy food…if you start to feel bored, do something to distract yourself. Good luck.