How long did your first herpes outbreak last? Im on day tw

How long did your first herpes outbreak last??? Im on day two of the Valtrex and my symptoms are the same if not worse.

everyone's body will react differently depending on your body's immune system.
once your body learns of the New Intruder it will begin to build antibodies to combat your OB's.
day 2 is NOTHING! help your body help itself by resting and eating clean and doing your best to keep stress to a minimum.
also, remember to note that there are "Triggers" which will antagonize OB's. you will need to learn what those triggers may be. again, everyone reacts differently to different triggers. Stress is the #1 most common trigger.

here's a little about "Triggers":

Hopefully by next week I can get at least some relief. Going to the bathroom alone makes me stressed out because it hurts so bad

pee in a sitz tub…
-For painful urination try diluting your urine by pouring water on yourself while releasing your pee or if you can sit in a shallow tub, release in there. If you don’t have access to a tub, you may also urinate in a sitz bath. You can also try catching the urine in a container to reduce the chance of irritating the blisters/sores

-Epsom salts, can be used in a warm bath for those with genital herpes and can help soothe and control itching and inflammation

-Coconut Oil…

My first breakout was painful and lasted 2 weeks from start to finish. I tried everything to help with the pain to the point I asked to be catharized so that I didn't have to urinate because I couldn't handle the pain of urine touching my sores.
I've only had one outbreak since and have been taking Valtrex religiously for over a year now and it does help suppress the outbreaks.
I hope it gets better for you!