HOW TO STOP A CRAVING FOR SUGAR IN IT'S TRACKS: "1. Eat a heaping spoonful of coconut or a buttermint. The good fats and protein in these little treats help you feel full, meaning you just don't have any room for whatever sweet treat you're craving. Both coconut and mint are flavors we naturally associate with sweet, too, so you'll feel like you're getting a treat.

2. Drink some Honey/Lavender Tea. The honey gives you a sweet hit and the lavender relieves stress. Why would you want to relieve stress? Because there is credible scientific evidence that stress can cause sugar sugar cravings, and relieving stress is a good way to fight them. Lavender is another one of those flavors that we naturally associate with sweets, too, so you only need a bit of honey to feel satisfied.

3. 2 - minute Transformation: Did that last statement about stress being related to sugar cravings ring a bell for you? The next time you feel a sugar craving coming on, take two minutes to pull your journal (or any random piece of paper and write down what was happening right before. Many times, just the act of acknowledging the stress can help reduce it. Plus, if you keep this up for a week or two you'll have a pretty good record of your stress triggers. What kinds of situations trigger you to feel stressed? What can you do instead of diving into the cookie jar? This kind of self-awareness really allows you to get to the root of those cravings so that you have more tools to deal with them every time they come up.

4. Get up from your desk (or from watching t.v.,) and take a three minute walk (preferably outside.) Is there nothing that a short walk can't cure? Walking distracts you from your craving, you get more oxygen, wakes you up (because we can crave carbs/sugar when we're tired), allows you to clear your head and relax. Pretty amazing.

5. Tapping away your sugar cravings. Tapping is a part of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) method that relies on pressure points and positive affirmations to help you break through mental blocks. It's my new go-to tool for fighting the sugar dragon." By Jen Whitman @ cravings.

Thanks for these great tips, going through a detox now, gosh it is rough!

@CKBlossom “This too will pass.” Hang in there!