Hurricane ROXY

I got into this nasty abusive relationship that lasted way too long. Only reason it lasted as long as it did was because of how caught up I was in this little blue pill. At first it started as only on the weekend thing but of course gradually it went to about 6 a day. Even eventually I began shooting them up and doing as many as I possibly could afford daily. I felt like I had no where to go. I was losing friends left and right as I realized in what denial I was over this addiction. So we decided to get sober our first two attempts maybe lasted a week Hell the first one we withdrew completely even broke and slowly but surely got right back on them together and back in the same situation. The more drug use the more abuse I got my nose broken, got kicked on the head into a seizure in a 2 month span.I just felt lost. I had no place to run too it felt like. It sometimes I felt like I had control of my addiction I went to work everyday still made it to functions. I just didn't notice everything around me I weighed 120 pounds, face sunken in. I looked as though I was dying. I had so many emotions that I just secluded myself until I had enough. I put my two weeks in and left FL. It could've been the best thing I did now don't get me wrong I'm not healed all the way I have relapsed 2 times in the last year. It's a fight that I am battling and to anyone else out there that is know your not alone. Whatever turned you to this drug wether fun or to numb no there is more out there. You can stop. AND to all my brothers and sisters out there know I love you if no one has told you that in a while and I will never stop fighting the fight of life for you.

I just hope something can be done. I seen the dark roads this can take someone on. You can have the perfect job, family ect. and it will tear you from the top till you hit the bottom with absolutely nothing left behind. I refer to as Hurricane Roxy cause it can blow everything away and leave not a trace of your humanity behind. I have watched almost all my childhood and adulthood friends get into this some have come out better and some have been buried(literally). It's an evil thing I'm glad I've got the support I do. I encourage you don't ever give up the fight for these people because everyone's worth a fight. If all you can do is give them your prayer than do just that. Because nothing is worse than feeling like you've got no where to go or no one behind you for the addict. It's a scary thing. I've lost a relationship that wasn't worth it but let myself get entrapped in it and almost lost some very good friends. For anyone on them just fight the fight man I know it's a prison I served my term break free and start living again.

I'm so sorry to hear about your abuse. Nobody has the right to touch you or abuse you. Have you tried therapy or anything for the abusive relationship and drug abuse?

You're strong enough to overcome this.

Lots of love and support

I am about to start therapy really hoping this works. I am doing a lot better getting out of the environment is a start. It's a process that I'm working on everyday. I hope I can beat it. I have the right mind right now. Thank you I appreciate all of it. Positivity can heal.

I’m glad you’re getting therapy and I believe that you can beat it and take your life back and build new relationships. Stay strong and positive.

Lots of love.