I’ll try this out and see how it works. I struggle with overeating. I just eat and eat until my stomach hurts and even then I still get a few more bites in. I don’t know how to control or stop this. nothing seems to motivate me anymore not even me gaining weight and being told by my doctor that I may get diabetes soon. I just don’t know who to turn to.

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Trying to figure out when your stomach growls means your hungry. Figuring out when your emotional eating is a good place to start.

Being mindful of the two things. Writing it down and also writing down what your eating each day. Food diary. Small steps like that will help.

The next step might be starting to getting into a routine of a schedule to add activity each day like making your bed each day. Vacuuming your home each day. Washing dishes each day. Cleaning the bathroom each day.

Next step might include going out each day for a walk. Small steps lead to healthy habits in life.

Protein and low carb diet may be a thought for a next step along with portion control. That means eating Protein each meal with more vegetables and fruits. Drinking 8 cups of water is a good daily to do.

Start small goals like and you will see results.

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your doctor should help but sometimes don’t. It sounds like you need professional help. If you are just comfort eating it is bad, you need to look at your relationship with food realise your not hungry .

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Is this something you have been dealing with for a long time or something more recent? I agree with @sasha1 that in an ideal world your doctor would help, but they will just wait until you do have diabetes and go from there. Therapy is something you should consider because we are meant to eat when we are hungry, fuel ourselves and then stop, so what is stopping you? That is what you need to figure out, it is pain, is it hurt, trauma, does food just make you happy? Lots of possible answers, but really only you can figure it out, hopefully we can help as well. Hugs.