I am going thru the absolute worst time in my life right now

I am going thru the absolute worst time in my life right now. I'm married to narcissist. I didn't even know this disorder existed. I didn't know what was wrong with him. My friend pointed out that he may have NPD. I looked it up and I swear his pic should've been there. EVERYTHING they say about narcissist is HIM!!!! So now he is saying he's leaving me but he's still in the house. It's complete torture to watch him treat me like trash when I've done 500% for him and our business. It's still not good enough. Every mistake I make he wants out. But then he changes his mind and stays. I'm at an all time low. Taking any crumb I can get from him just to feel good for the moment and have peace. I'm still in love with him. Idk what to do anymore except pray all day everyday. I'm not in the position to leave. He convinced me to give up my job and help him run the business. But then he started reading jobs behind my back and keeping them money for himself. So now I have no job, no money (except what he chips off to me), and barely a place to stay cuz he is "leaving". I cry all the time hoping that we will somehow get to a good place. Idk what to do anymore.

@Kaysee Is there anywhere else you can stay? Friend's or family member's house? Staying with him is NOT going to solve the problem, it only makes it worse. If he sees that you aren't able to go anywhere, he'll use it to his advantage and abuse you even more. The part where he says he wants out every time you make a mistake but ends up staying makes me think he's playing mind games with you and it's NOT healthy for you to be in a situation like that. He also tells you to give your job up and then, keeps all the money he has to himself which also screams big red flag. It makes me think that it's a tactic he uses to get you to stay with him, which he uses as an advantage to abuse you even more. If you can, you should really find a different place to stay. It also might help if you cut off contact with him in case he comes after you if you do decide to leave. I hope things get better for you.

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Im trying to figure things out. But I'm really not able to make any decisions right now. I'm almost about to lose it.

@Kaysee Is it because of him? Is there anything you can do to calm down? Maybe when you’re able to, you could find a place to relax and think through things one by one and weigh your options. I really hope you’re able to get out of this situation and that things get better.

I do get out of the house when I'm feeling like this. I just hate the mind games. Calls me and talks to me like a random stranger in the street but talks to the 17yr old daughter he has living with us like she's the wife and tells her he loves her all the time. I'm just garbage and a secretary to him. I don't want to move. I don't have the income since he's taking it all. I don't want to live with anyone like this. I have my 19yr old son with me

@Kaysee Do you have anywhere else you could possibly stay? If you don’t want to live alone, maybe you could find someone to possibly stay with.

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