I am going to eat and then go to the library to work on my

I am going to eat and then go to the library to work on my resume... I feel dead inside but I will revive my zombie death spirits... actually Im going to go to a coffee shop, so that I can try not to hate my life. okay? AROMAAA CAFEEEE. Maybe itll be worth it, and then on the way back can get groceries. win win?

My resume I will try to make a resume for graphic design & social media coordinator if possible, mixed with admin experience. A cover letter explaining a desire to change careers. No idea if it will work, but Ill try. No idea what Im doing ! NO CLUE. HELP ME UNIVERSE. I mean it will work. Think positive.

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Goodluck fellow friend

@Yes_Master yesss maaasterrr o.O thank you for your comment Im heading out the door nOwW!!! Have an amazing, productive and happy day.

@yesss_maaasterrrr hahah Uh YeAs, I was pretty productive but not at all for writing my resume! Instead I worked on my website for my business, which was so much fun. I actually really enjoy wordpress! And, it’s good because I can add it to my resume as a skill B) Hashtag Winning! And funny you shiuld say that I just had spicy chicken for dinner and it was aMaZIng! And I watched a show called New Girl, and now her voice is in my head and I have become her character in real life IS THIS NORMAL!? I really don’t knkw and Im ok with that :smiley: How was your day!

I love that you are honest about rising above 'zombie-ism' -when you do get around to writing your resume, I hope it goes really smoothly.

@Littlesis7 Thank you so much!! I have felt like a zombie lately, but your comment sort of is helping me remind myself to remain motivated. To just keep going and keep doing stuff. Just focus on doing. I finished my mental health resume but Ill edit it up, and then work on my other one today so it’s just done. Then when Ive moved, and jniversity classes start Ill just hand them out, even in person. At this point I completely dont care. I need a job. blerg. Nothing will be as bad as feeling directionless. And money DOES buy happiness. Look at every youtuber, the richer they got, their smiles got bigger too.

How did I juuust see your post!!! :slight_smile: How are you doing!! I hope you’re on this mysterious new website now too!

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