I am having a hard time dealing with having herpes. I feel l

I am having a hard time dealing with having herpes. I feel like my life has ended and that I am disgusting. I cry everytime I speak with my doctor about it. I feel like I have no support or understanding. It's not something you just talk to anyone and everyone openly about especially with the world we live in today. It'll be posted on social media by the end of the day because people aren't loyal anymore to keep things private. I try to stay positive and go on with my life, but I can't sleep because having herpes is all I think about.

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welcome! you have come to the right place! you are among the majority here!
you don't state which type of HSV you have, but what you are feeling is very **NORMAL** at this stage.
we all move to the next level at our own pace and you too shall advance! I PROMISE!

always know that "Knowledge Is Power and Power is Confidence"!!
here is a good link to start you off:
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scroll and read the comments by others here and you will see you are NOT alone!!

here’s a post from our past which applies to you:

Lesbianblk I agree. Sharing that you have herpes should be done very selectively if you care about keeping personal matters personal. Even if someone says "I won't tell anyone" 9 times out of 10, they will. I go by this rule, only tell people whose business it is.

@mmadlecl the only person that knows is my bestfriend and we have been bestfriends since middle school. I am a very private person in general. My circle is very small because I don’t trust people easily. I am glad I found this support group and have people that can relate to how I’m feeling.

I have been where you are and had the same comments on this site. Felt the same way and nights were the worst! I have HSV and i am here to tell you that it will be ok. It might take you a little while to wrap your head around it but you will get there. You are with people who understand here at this site and can say or ask anything. This is a lifelong thing but it doesn't have to take over your life. I still haven't told any of my family or friends except 1. We all need support from time to time so this site is wonderful for that and if you can find 1 person in your life that will hold your trust it would be good to talk to them. Please reach out if we can help.

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@Sadbeyond yes for me nights are the worst! I can’t sleep and I’m up 24hrs because it’s all I think about. I have HVS2 and it still makes my heart beat fast saying it. I need support from people who understand and can relate to how I feel. I am happy to have found this support group. I told my bestfriend, we’ve been bestfriends since middle school but I still feel that she doesn’t understand. This is something you don’t want to tell just anyone. I’m a private person but I do need support.

I got diagnosed in 2020 in March. I'll never forget that day and how much my heart hurted. I was in so much disbelief. I would have thought that by now I would have came to terms with having herpes2 but I haven't. I've had two outbreaks since I got diagnosed. I've read that stress can cause outbreaks. I'm trying to lose weight and get healthy in hopes that will help with my journey. Do you know what things can cause outbreaks? Do you know what can keep the outbreaks from occurring?

everyone’s body will react differently. as a general rule of thumb, there are “Triggers”.
see: Herpes Recurrences and Outbreaks ~ Prodrome ~ Triggers | HerpeSite: Herpes Online Support Network
my suggestion is for you to start a diary/spreadsheet. from there you will be able to track what you eat and what you do. eventually you will see a patter of events or foods that cause OB’s.

as you stated, the best defense is being as healthy as possible.
you may want to ask your MD for suppressive therapy meds EG: Acyclovir.