I am just 2 months without lack of sufficient sleep. There w

I am just 2 months without lack of sufficient sleep. There wasnt really a traumatic event that happened before but some stressors. My pcp prescribed trazadone but ive been afraid to try it. What meds (OTC or Rx) have uou had success with? Feel free to PM me!! I need to fix this because its snowballing.

If you are worried about trazadone because of the side effects you read about then you could call your Dr office and talk to the nurse. Explain your concerns to her and ask if the dr would give you something else. You can do your own research on the top antidepressants that are well tolerated. From what I have read here are a few that have fewer side effects and well tolerated. Celexa generic is citalopram, Lexapro generic escitalopram, Prozac generic is fluoxetine, Zoloft generic is sertraline. Lexapro is very neutral they usually start you on 10 MG for a few weeks before going to 20 MG maybe longer than a few weeks but usually once you go to 20 MG it will help with the sleep but yet doesn't make a person sleepy you just sleep better. But your Dr might of felt in your case the trazadone would be more fitting because of the insomnia. You could always try it for a month or so and if you don't like it just stop and call your Dr. If you need something short term right away you can try Benadryl for a while, first try taking one and if it isn't enough take two an hour before bed.

@Fohb460 Thanks so much for your detailed reply! Actually short term I was thinking something like Benadryl! Benadryl excites me, but the thing in Nyquil works similarly. Have you ever tried Unisom? Its doxycilamine. I’ve been nervous to give it a go but its OTC and have read some good amazon reviews on it. I know some Drs have suggested it to people to helo them sleep through nausea even. Tried it?