I am making my way through Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms. I'

I am making my way through Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms. I'm 10 days out from tapering off Cymbalta and dealing with nausea, vomiting, dizziness, disassociation, unbelievable tiredness, trouble sleeping, sweats to name a few. Cymbalta is a nasty drug to discontinue.

Oh man, that sounds awful. I'd imagine you are tapering too quickly. If you go slower, the symptoms might be less. Are you withdrawing under a doctor's supervision? Sometimes they have you withdraw too quickly. I know my idiot doctor had me do that. I had to develop my own withdrawal schedule - much slower - and then I didn't suffer through my withdrawal. Anyhow, may I suggest you google "withdraw from meds" or "withdrawal from Cymbalta" etc. as there are lots of sites on that. Best of luck.

I am new here and just seen your post. It’s months later but I’m wondering how you made out. Are you off Cymbalta? I tried years ago and I couldn’t. The sadness I felt was so extreme. I’ll be on it forever and THAT gives me anxiety :(

Hi Zendog, Welcome to supportgroups. I have found many kind and wise people here, and I hope you will find that too. I was wondering about the Cymbalta that you tried to get off years ago. Are you saying that the withdrawal symptoms were too painful? Or were you saying that when you were without it, you felt too depressed? Why are you feeling anxious about being on it forever? (I’m on Zoloft, looks like “forever.”)