I am on weight Watchers and last weeks topic was on sugar, r

I am on weight Watchers and last weeks topic was on sugar, refined versus natural. My friend Cathy has opted to abstain from sugar starting this past Thursday. I told her I'd start tomorrow 07-28-18. I'm very excited to kick sugar to the curb. It has had a strong hold on me for a very long time, but together, Cathy and I got this. I know, it is not going to be easy by a long shot, but well worth it. Just to get it out of my system and the effects gone will be great.

good for you! both of you can do this!

@norseduncan Thank you!!! I sure hope so, not so easy, but well worth it.

@cari.miller7391 I find this topic interesting myself. Are you eating fruit or no?

@NoMoreWaiting yes I am eating fruit, only getting rid of refined sugar, like the candies, ice crean and such. Even that, Ended up with the worst headache yesterday because of this. Nothing touched it. I really thought it was going to turn into a migraine it was that bad. I looked up some of the sugar in fruits. A serving of fruit has much less sugar than a candy bar. My problem is, I never liked sugar in candy bar form… I liked nerds, sugar babies, junior mints, dots, cotton candy… all very high if not just sugar candies. That’s really why I need to do this and get the refined sugar out of my system. I don’t just eat candy, I love the worse of the worse candies.