I am too opinionated. Just ignore me. But this platform is w

I am too opinionated. Just ignore me. But this platform is where I can say anything, and be annoying and no one has to agree. And THAT is a beautiful freedom people. To have no one relying on you, and to be considered a stupid person, is a very amazing thing. Im having a good week, despite just getting over a fever and cough. Why!!! Because I didn't have to work in mental health this past week. The world has seemed to become heaven itself. How lovely, to not be around lousy coworkers who look at you with secret judgement, irritation, and look down upon you like you are an idiot on purpose making extra work for them. How lovely to be able to say I HATE YOUUUU when you think of them, and remember they aren't around, and don't matter! How brilliant, to not be responsible for meeting the needs on demand of every stranger than walks through the door, looking at you with hatred and ready to shout at you because they're experiencing withdrawal from cocaine! How nice, to not have to put my bag in a dirty dusty closet floor with rats near by. How nice.

I need to find a different part time job. I dont even earn that much, and it's really not worth it. But, alas CHANGE requires extra start up energy. As soon as Im over this flu, I will start looking. If, by miracle, I can find an admin type job with weekend shifts, I will be infinitely grateful to the universe. Answer the phone, send emails perhaps... fill out forms... it sounds like heaven. Boring, boring boring sounds like heaven. Mindless. I will be only too glad to organize all the papers alphabetically. Just a nice, clean, quiet job, that will help me have a downpayment to a nice, clean, quiet apartment someday. Thats all the goals I have in life. just peace, nice and boring life. PLEASE.

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sorry you have a job that seems to sound entirely exhausting. I probably fall on the other spectrum of not being able to handle super boring office jobs, but I do totally understand what you're describing. I don't know why so many jobs have become insanely stressful.
I recently had a giant deal-breaker factor land on me -right when I have tried to become employed again. So over this kind of crap.
Forgot to say I love your words about 'saying whatever you want on this platform and being a beautiful freedom' --very true!

@Littlesis7 Thanks, yea I really hope you and both soon find a job that doesn’t have such deal breakers. :stuck_out_tongue: Excitement is important, but I’m willing to sacrifice it for feeling safe now, not having people angry at me constantly sure would be welcome.