I am trying to understand my PTSD

Hello. I am new to this group.
I am very recently realizing that I may have relationship PTSD.
Me and my oldest child’s father were together for 10 years. He hurt me and traumatized me. I haven’t had a serious relationship since we ended for good 4 years ago.
I have severe physical reactions when I even text him. I have night terrors about him, but also good dreams about the life I feel I should have had.
I don’t understand still being in love with him, and I don’t understand not being able to get over him after everything he has done to me. I feel crazy.

Oh hun, you aren’t crazy, you loved him, that is on you, how he treated and abused you is on him. Yes, of course you could have PTSD, it sounded like a traumatic experience. Have you considered therapy? hugs!

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I have had so much trouble finding therapy that works for me. I feel like maybe group therapy would be the best for me, so that I can hear others’ experience with it, but I’m having a hard time finding that as well with my insurance.

You can try contacting PTSD therapists in your area and asking if they offer group therapy, sometimes it’s not advertised. Hugs