I ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream in my work

I ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream in my workout clothes after finishing an hour-long workout. I cannot control myself around ice cream and felt strangely liberated but also very ashamed of eating a pint of ice cream after that work out. I binge eat sometimes because I feel powerless when it comes my friends making stupid decisions in their dating lives- settling for immature, boring, selfish men that will never value them or propose. I guess ice cream feels like a hug for my insides- a sweet and rich taste that temporarily removes disappointment or anger in a pint-sized serving. I wish I didn't resort to binge eating if I'm upset. I want to lose 20-25 pounds to get into top shape, but it's hard to commit to eating healthy every single day on top of my cardio/weightlifting routines. I'll have to portion control me snacks or ice cream or maybe just not buy ice cream for a while.

That sounds exactly like me. It isn't a problem for me during the day it's at night. I can keep busy during the day but it's layer in the night I get weak. Even when I don't buy anything real good I will find something that will get the job done. The only time I was successful is when I went to bed alot earlier.

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@Fohb460 I completely relate! My will to not binge wavers midafternoon and by nighttime I’m shoving peanut m&m’s into my mouth or making a root beer float. I could have a super filling and healthy dinner and think, “My day isn’t complete without dessert!” One trick that I’m absolutely going to have to get back into is putting on my retainer immediately after I brush my teeth and floss at night so that I’d give up with the hassle of having to remove my retainer to binge.

I’m right there with u. Today I had a big dinner and then a large piece of cheesecake. Rather than stopping and saving the rest of it for later I tried to force myself to eat the whole thing.

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@Destiny2020 I’ve definitely done that with cheesecake too. I make my own cheesecakes from scratch and the only thing that keeps me from binging is sharing it at volunteering or with my family- if everybody eats it, I only have 2 slices to binge on later. Have you put desserts like cheesecake individually cut and wrapped in cling wrap into the freezer? Thats a tip that sometimes helps me so that if I want cake, I have to wait for a slice to defrost for a few hours in order to eat it. I make such good cheesecake from scratch that I have to limit myself to making it once a year or else I eat it instead of breakfast or lunch and the worst part is, I never grow tired of cheesecake even after a binge. I totally relate to the cheesecake temptations!