I can’t tell when I am hungry, and I have been in recove

I can’t tell when I am hungry, and I have been in recovery for like 6 months. What is going on! Is it because my metabolism is messed up. Can someone explain? I also have to eat everything healthy else I freak out, and when I go to eat healthy now I don’t want to. I rather starve then eat healthy foods. I don’t crave them at all, but what I do crave is processed food. However, I won’t allow myself to eat it because I’ll feel so guilty if I do. Why don’t I crave healthy foods anymore? I don’t understand! Also Is my extreme hunger over ( is that why I’m not hungry for healthy food) idk because I am still constantly thinking about food. What if I’m only thinking about food because I’m obsessed with having the perfect diet? If I wasn’t so obsessed would I not be thinking about food, or am I just thinking about it bc I’m still hungry?

I just reread this and it sounds crazy, but honestly I’m so confused. Like I am starving, but I would rather not eat the healthy food I have been eating. This is making me believe that my extreme hunger is gone. Is it?

@Kate621 I can’t comment on your particular concern, but it does raise the issue for me that in order for me to feel hungry I have to be starving, which causes my blood sugar to go unstable (hypoglycemia). It is really hard to find that point where I should eat because of hunger and not go over the edge with it.

Kate621, everything is ok. I am sorry that you are having this panic. I have been there and I promise it will all be ok. Sometimes stress and hormones can alter our cravings. Maybe your craving processed food because you need salt. I never add salt to anything but I find myself craving junk food when I need salt. Perhaps its sugar? I eat healthy but I do not do a good job of variety, and sometimes after loving salad it will make me nauseous to think about. I have to switch up my meals entirely to keep interest. Sometimes I will fast for 24 hours and restart everything. I try to make it fun and try a food I have never had before. I also just started buying from Imperfect Foods and they include recipes with the box or you can just use the groceries how you want. It makes it fun and takes the pressure off of me choosing. Big hugs. You are not alone.

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@APOR2017 thx sm this was a rly big help.