I don't know what happened . . . I was doing sooooo good :(

I don't know what happened . . . I was doing sooooo good :( Well, I do know what happened, I intentionally went of the wagon because I thought I needed to eat some foods I had eliminated in order to get an accurate test result (as I was working with a specialist to find what was causing certain symptoms). I thought I could totally handle it . . . but since then I keep "slipping" and I hate it. I was so good for over a year and now I feel like a failure. And whenever I'm back on sugar and dairy (even if it's not every day) I get anxious and stressed and paranoid :( :( :( :( Tonight I'm totally jonesing to go out and get some ice cream :( I had no sugar today, but I did have some other foods I was not supposed to have on my autoimmune protocol diet (oh and last night I did crack and go out and get the ice cream . . .and I ate the entire pint despite it tasting chemically and like cough syrup. Even though it tasted like crap I am def craving it mad again tonight . . . I've been anxious all day and fallen back into victim mentality . . . I'm on here writing to hopefully keep me from gettin gin the car and getting that ice cream.

And just the other day on here I was saying that I had been doing really good without the sugar :( :( :(

Just need some support here. And will give it in return. Wishing you a good sugar free day.

Try whipping up frozen bananas, coconut milk and some frozen berries, it is so good!

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@CKBlossom I can’t . . .when I say sugar, I mean all sugar. Bananas are so high on the glycemic index they send me into deep depression the following day of consumption :frowning:

I recently tried coconut milk in some recipes, as it’s actually low in sugar but still delightfully sweet, but it gives me terrible bloat . . . after some research i learned that this is because it is a short-chain fatty acid and if my bacteria biome is missing the right (or has too much of the right) bacteria, I’m going to experience intense (and painful gas) . . . which I did. I think in a couple of years once I heal and get the bacteria “corrected” I will be able to have berries and coconut milk :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I just can’t right now. Thank you for the suggestion, though.

Hang in there! I had autoimmune disease (Hashimoto) and medical depression was part of the symptom. Be kind to yourself. Think positive. It is not you, it is the disease.

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@wantingawakening That’s what I have :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Hashimoto’s. I was diagnosed less than a year ago (but began the AIP diet before then because I knew I had chronic inflammation . . .the diet change was a MIRACLE :slight_smile: As you know, even when we were eating foods that we were told are healthy, those foods (like whole wheat products) can be detrimental to our health.

As long I as remain on a strict AIP Ketogenic diet (and this brings good tears to my eyes) I am relieved of the extreme depression, anxiety, and panic attacks that plagued my life for 20 years :).

It’s been these last two or three months that I have tried reintroducing some foods that have completely messed me up (including my discipline). Thus the sugar weakness :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for sharing that you too have Hashimoto’s . . . I appreciate connecting with people who are walking a similar path :slight_smile: :slight_smile: