I feel like I am in hell. I know people here will understan

I feel like I am in hell.
I know people here will understand because nobody else in my life gets it.
I was prescribed various opiods for chronic pain for 20 yrs. Most recent is methadone. I recently recovered from surgery to correct my most painful condition. The dr will no longer prescribe the methadone, but is trying to help me thru withdrawals with clonidine and Xanax. I was only on 2 20mg a day methadone. I cut down to 5mg easily. But I've been cold turkey for 3 days and it feels like I'm dying. I know people on here have it much worse. But I don't know how to cope. Sleep is impossible because of restless leg syndrome, I'm always anxious and exhausted, and can't think straight. All I want to do is sleep, but I can't. I'm still healing from 3 surgeries I had in Dec and Jan. So that doesn't help. The timing sucks.
Any advice or understanding or anything would be so appreciated. I feel so alone.

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