I feel stupid for feeling this way

This might be dumb to make a post about but I need somewhere to vent. I have been doing really good with everything for a while, and been feeling a lot better about myself. Then a couple weeks ago I was cleaning out my closet and I sent some clothes to a friend of mine bc she wanted them, I didn’t think anything about it. Today I saw that she posted pictures on social media of her wearing some of them and I feel horrible. I hate seeing a shirt be loose on her that was fitted on me, I hate her for having a different body type than me and I feel like a horrible person for feeling that way. I have an auto immune condition that makes it really hard for me to lose weight, so for me it is not just as simple as eating a certain way or working out more. I hate that other people can just look how they want to look and not have to think about it. I hate that my brain is so broken that it makes me think this way.

I know acceptance and self worth is important, it important to me. You sound like a very nice person. You offered clothes to a friend and since she posted pictures of her wearing them, you made her happy. Look at the beautiful person you really are, I wish you were my friend.:heart:

How you feel isn’t dumb, it is actually really normal, most of us feel insecure in our bodies. Here are 2 things you did so right, you got rid of clothes that didn’t fit you in a way you like and you gifted it to a friend in need. She loved the clothes so much she showed them off on social media. Get clothes that fit the body you have, because of your autoimmune disease your body may never match the image you have in your head, but maybe you can work on amending the image in your head to match the image in the mirror. Keep posting and happy Monday. -SG

You are not alone or dumb, it is so hard to learn to love your body, I bought something yesterday that was stamped with the right size, tried it on at home and was like nope, felt bad for a minute and was like, back to the store it goes, not worth feeling bad over. I know it is hard, but I try to think, if I was old and dying, would I regret not loving my body and the answer is always, you bet!