I got rejected from a university for the first time today. M

I got rejected from a university for the first time today. My first direct message from the world that I am too idiotic to learn.

Don't think of it that way. Getting rejected from university is perfectly normal. Some people just aren't good at school subjects. From your last post, I just wanted to mention that I also did pretty bad in high school, don't remember my exact GPA, but most of my grades were C's and D's (probably around a one-point something gpa). Now, I'm not going to a university, I'm going to a college, and I know it's typically harder to get into university than college so it's already a good sign that you enrolled in universities. Just try not to let that rejection get to you. Did you get accepted to any yet?

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@cupcake520 I’m not allowed to apply to college, because my primitive and stupid mother wants me to go to University ONLY. She thinks University is better than college so every time I mention anything relating to college even in passing she yells at me to apply to a University. Even when she knows my grades are bad.

If it makes you feel any better I applied to 10 graduate schools and was rejected from every single one of them! I had to use a back door technique to get in. Don’t give up and remember there is so much more to you than how you perform in school!

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@CKBlossom I will talk to them about financial aid (especially for on campus housing). Thank you so so very much for all your kind words by the way-- it has helped in many a low evening, just from giving it a quick read