I had 2 eggs again today. Sometimes I have a hard time diges

I had 2 eggs again today. Sometimes I have a hard time digesting them but they really seem to keep my hunger away. Today for some reason I ate because I wanted to taste food. I ate sugar free but ate too much. I got on the scale today and I weigh 129, it feels good to get back into my 20s. 18 days sugar free and good things are startiing to happen and the amount of work that I get done is times 3 when I am sugar free. I have a fun party to go to this Sat and then Sun I have a dinner party. I wish I could just go off my way of eating for a meal and enjoy it but then I will be all addicted again and it takes forever to get back on track. Wish I could find a happy medium. I do miss eating other foods but to over ride all that I so enjoy feeling good in my clothes and having more control over my life and thoughts and actually moving ahead without the Fog that I get when I eat sugar.

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You could bring something you can eat, offer a dish to share.

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@CKBlossom Both events will be catered… I have been successful in the past about watching what I eat, hope I can still be…I do missing eating things that I don’t normally get to eat… It may taste good but not worth the bloating and sadness my emotions go through with sugar.