I had a nightmare that I went back to eating sugar. I woke u

I had a nightmare that I went back to eating sugar. I woke up in a cold sweat. I guess I have been appauled at myself for all the years I ate too much sugar and do not want to go back to that type of lifestyle. All the years I knew sugar was not good for me yet I ignored the voice screaming in my head saying STOP with all the stupid choices. I know better and I even teach fitness, preaching about what we should be eating and going home and eating a gallon of ice cream. I believe those days are over with. If I have nightmares about sugar and living that lifestyle then I think I am done with sugar forever..I went to a meeting tonight and saw all the sugar over eaters. I looked at their expanding middles and wanted to say that it comes from sugar. Each person has to find the right time and place to figure out when they will take complete charge over their health. I am embarrassed that it took me so long.

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Well the nightmare is over and you should be so proud of yourself right now. You are helping so many in this group and doing so well yourself. I am so amazing and proud of you. Thank you for sharing all that you are going through while you are trying to get off the sugar. xo

Thank you for your continued encouragement. My husband is still laid off from work and he tries to tempt me with eating out or eating things that are not good for me so it is a double challenge. I pray to God he finds a job soon.

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@watergirl81 Yes that does make it hard and for your sake I do hope he finds a job too. Keep up the good work. xo