I had a stupid fight with my dad and now I'm mad at myself.

I had a stupid fight with my dad and now I'm mad at myself. I had just come home from running errands and I had to bike like heck to beat the rain. I got home sweaty and out of breath and walked through the kitchen to get into the house.
He was in there and started to say something and I just said "No" and kept walking. He has a bad habit of pinning me at the door as soon as I enter or leave the house. Today I wasn't in the mood so I just blew past him.
He said that he was offended by how discourteous I was in barking at him. I countered that trying to start a conversation with someone clearly not in a state to talk is just as bad. That he's made a lot of references to how annoying it was for him to have me run up and great him as a kid, but despite being an adult he does the same thing.
He said that going forward he will wait for me to talk but that's just him being passive aggressive. Now I have to spend the next few days avoiding the SOB to protect my metal health be cause I'm not allowed to be angry and he's gonna have things to say.

Thanks. He’s currently refusing to talk to me so he can set up the “Oh, I can talk now” moment for himself.
He’s a grown man and acting empathize a teenager.