I had my first Spinal cord simulator March 2021, since then

I had my first Spinal cord simulator March 2021, since then I have had to have it moved to different places in my back and upper butt totaling 4 back surgeries in the last year. I have had pain every day since my first surgery last march due to the nerve damage I now have being cut into so many times for the battery to be moved 4 times. The simulator HAS helped my herniated disc pain a lot but unfortunately my herniated disc pain is starting to flair up more often (like before the surgeries) due to the leads starting to fail from them being pulled on so much through all the surgeries. I've also started seeing "floaters" in the sunlight/have been having some vision problems since my last surgery and have been to multiple doctors that all say my eyes are fine...has ANYONE else experienced this with a Spinal Cord Simulator? This last year in a half with all my surgeries has been devastating and life changing (for the worse)....I would really love to hear from some people with spinal cord simulators or anyone that may have some insight on ANY of this....I'm still trying to manage my everyday pain but sadly its been very unsuccessful.

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The researchers conclude that warm needle acupuncture is a highly effective tool in the treatment of lumbar disc herniations. Nantong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine researchers conclude that acupuncture is effective in treating post-operative pain following surgery for lumbar disc herniations.

@Fohb460 Unfortunately I did try acupuncture before all of my surgeries with no relief. I have not tried it for my surgery pain but I will talk to my doctors about it, thank you!

Im so sorry with all you are going through with your back. I hope it can get somewhat better for you.

@RedRiver88 Thank you