I have a learning disability I have taken many courses I wen

I have a learning disability I have taken many courses I went to junior college and finished in every I took many different diplomas and graduated. have fairly OK jobs know you can always make more money however I was never able to spell as part of my disability I’ve always got through it with a Cyclopedia‘s dictionary‘s and now google but can anybody tell me how I can prove my spelling and even my reading I noticed that if I don’t read a lot my dyslexia comes in hard and the words r not right . any advice should I read more.

I have always been good at spelling, But if I don't use a word for awhile I forget how it is spelled.
So yes. I would say read more often.
Congrats on your accomplishments despite having a disability!

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@Inmylittlerroom. Thank u

@kgmaxwell thank you very much I’m going on now to check it out .

I can’t find that

You don’t need that.
That’s private information.

I will look it up . Thank u

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Pauline here is the link to khan academy.


Don't give out your personal information.
The info maxwell asked for is not needed. Watch out for cons.

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@Inmylittleroom thank u and you’re right I don’t want to give out personal information I’m not comfortable thank you for being so supportive

They did not ask when I went.
Give us email address.

Never did get that supposed email from kgmaxwell. End of story.

did I mention I am a good speller?

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☆ ♧◇♡♤°○□■●¤ Where's the wifey button¿

If our flock of sheep, Our loved ones , the people we care about are being attacked/stalked by a wolf or any predator, do we use politeness to respond? I think not. This has been going on far too long, Decisive action is most certainly required, not Impotent niceties. Now the cult is trolling *learning disabilities*? Cannot wait to hear the next sales pitch coming our way. :(

We are here to help!

What's that?

Made you look.