I have been down in the dumps lately of how I see myself and

I have been down in the dumps lately of how I see myself and now I cant look at myself in the mirror without getting disgusted, or gagging. I also start to have a whole anxiety attack every single time.
I hate it so much, it hurts, i just wish i didnt look like this, i look horrid.

I'm sorry that you are going through that. Have you been diagnosed with BDD? What are some of the things you don't like about your body? You know, it's ok that there are things a person doesn't like about their body, that's completely normal. But as you know to feel so disgusted about it usually stems from how we feel about ourselves and from things that have happened to us. So no matter how much we hate on our looks it's never going to be enough. Practice changing your focus on what's really going on with your feelings, not your looks. Sure it's normal to want to look nice and well groomed but not to be disgusted that doesn't serve us well, it doesn't help us.

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I havent been diagnosed with anything yet. And I dont really know what things I dont like about myself, it feels like just an automatic response and whenever I look in the mirror it kinda doesn’t look like me, or like doesn’t feel like me