I have had acne since i was around 13. I am now 25 and the b

I have had acne since i was around 13. I am now 25 and the battle continues. I don’t want to see it as a battle anymore. I’m tired of fighting. I have tried every face routine you can think of, spending thousands on products that haven’t helped. I decided this past year that I want to tackle acne at it’s root. No birth control, no accutane, no antibiotics. Those only cover up the issue, if you’re lucky enough to have them work for you. I want to tackle my acne from its root cause, and I’m still trying to figure out what it is. I’ve been seeing a very expensive naturopathic/holistic doctor with hopes to finally find a solution once and for all. So far I have changed my diet cutting out sugar completely and I am taking supplements, but I am still struggling. Sometimes all I want to do is cry and say “why me?” But I’ve been there, done that, and it’s gotten me nowhere. All I want is to have clear skin. I pray that one day it’ll happen for me. Until then, I’m trying to accept this journey and believe that good is coming out of it and that lessons about myself are being learned. I am trying to accept that I am worthy and beautiful regardless of acne or clear skin. I am enough. Maybe if I say it enough, one day I will believe it. Thanks for reading.

I keep seeing advertisement for FLO vitamins that are supposed to help with hormonal acne. They aren't ridiculously expensive, so maybe it is worth trying.

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@CKBlossom I see ads for those all the time too. I’ve thought about trying them but i’m first trying to pinpoint what my hormonal imbalances are and then take it from there. I’m hoping to naturally balance them out if needed

Have you seen any changes in your skin in the month since cutting out sugars? Acne sucks and I'm sorry you are going through this. I am also trying to figure out the root cause of my acne and have debated cutting out sugars. We are beautiful with or without acne.

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@Crumam23 I actually have seen changes! Sugar is said to be linked to acne on the right cheek. Since cutting it out, I have noticed significant improvement. I love sugar so it was tough but once you find the right alternatives for you (stevia, monkfruit are great ones), you will find yourself missing it less. All that being said, acne isn’t gone, so there are still other underlying issues. But I definitely would recommend cutting out sugar and giving that a try because it can only help. Best of luck. Thanks for the comment