I have one huge sugar addiction. I can literally eat a full

I have one huge sugar addiction. I can literally eat a full LARGE bag of starburst fav red jelly beans in 30 minutes and go get another bag and just keep going like this. Also nerds, any candy that is just plain sugar, nothing added. I've even been known to eat a spoonful or 3 of plain sugar right out of the package. I have read many studies that reflect that sugar has the same addictive properties as cocaine. They've done studies on people's brains and the same part of the brain lights up for sugar and cocaine.

I'm trying my best to avoid unnatural sugars. I eat fruit and veggies. I'm currently following Weight Watchers Freestyle and enjoy every minute of it. I can choose to eat anything I want, but my choices are healthy as I can for each meal and if I slip and have some sugar, than I don't beat myself up for it... I track it and move on.

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You're not alone in your struggle. I can completely relate to eating tons and tons of sugar and then only wanting more. I eat until I feel completely sick and want to just roll into a ball and go to sleep. It sounds like you're on the right track though! Keep it up and if you need to talk, then reach out any time :)

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@Marlia Thank you!!!