I just realized today that I still have a problem with Binge

I just realized today that I still have a problem with Binge eating. Usually when I sit down to eat, I’m by myself and I just zone out and don’t think about it and don’t acknowledge it. But today I started talking to someone over the phone.(FaceTime)
After a few bites I was good. And I stopped eating. Finished my conversation. Then, not even hungry, I thought I have to keep eating because I’m not high. I get a high off binging. I just was very present in that moment and realize this. So this is a good thing because all that extra food that I was eating is why I’m not losing weight. And I can stop it because I’m acknowledging it. I’m going to work on this hard.
It’s kind of scary because I’ve eaten like this all my life. I just didn’t acknowledge that I was actually doing it (now) to get a high. I am in recovery now from a lot of things.
And Now that I’ve got almost 3 years of sobriety from those things, I’m more aware.
So I’m doing this because it’s the only thing I do.
I’m still an addict. Looking for a high. :-((

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Thanks for sharing i found this to be very helpful so thank you very much. It makes sense to me.

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@Littleturtle1000 How are you doing today? Do you do any type of therapy for this? I was trying to practice portion control using smaller containers. That didn’t work long. I need to start researching. I’ve been sick today. My hypochondriac is them has me thinking I have the corona. LOL… I’m just having an allergy attack.