I lost my career due to my neck injury, and I probably will

I lost my career due to my neck injury, and I probably will not heal enough to do that job again. It required heavy lifting, and my neck forbids that. I have very few professional skills outside of that industry. I can't find any part time jobs that pay close to what I'm worth. I worked the low paying jobs for years and years to climb the ladder. There is a vocational program I will go to, but it doesn't start until late fall. I know I'm blessed that my family is helping financially, but I wish I could do more, I am so worthless right now. Outdoor activities are a no, I'm in Florida and the summer heat is unbearable. Has anyone here lost their career due to the chronic pain or other disability? How did you get back on your feet? How did you find value in yourself if you've been in a similar situation?

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sorry you're experiencing this. You aren't worthless. I didn't lose a career but a higher paying position because my supervisor decided to give away my place to her best friend from outside the company.
I know about 10 people who have had to do a 180 after career loss and reinvent themselves. Some more than 2-3x.
I'm struggling regarding employment due to confidence anxiety, and also trying to figure out where i fit in. Even thinking about it is exhausting. I know eventually I can do this.

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@Littlesis7 Thank you for sharing your experience. Reinventing myself is a nice way to describe it. If I can get a job after my vocational training, I probably will have to start at a low wage again, but at least I’ll have some new valuable skills and my neck injury shouldn’t interfere. Like you mentioned, my anxiety will be a challenge even for the training. I’m sorry you got a pay cut. That sounds very unfair! I can’t believe your supervisor got away with doing that. I understand how thinking about employment is exhausting. I was on the computer searching for a job, training, or further education in spite of my neck for months. It probably took half a year to find the right opportunity. I guess we both have to do our best and hope it’s good enough. That’s all we can really ask of ourselves. I’m too nervous to even think about job hunting after the training, but I have a long time to wait until I get to that point.

I lost my career after getting injured on the job. I was young at the time (26). I LOVED my job. I worked with children with Autism. I found it easy to bond with them, and was so happy for them when they accomplished their goals. Losing that still hurts, and I'm 42.

Unfortunately, my injury left me disabled and unable to work. I found hobbies that I was able to do, such as gardening, knitting, sewing, ect. Gardening has been very therapeutic.

I also have 5 nephews, 2 of which have Autism. I poured my love into all of them. I've always found it easy to be around and bond with children. So my nephews helped fill that void.

Although I am unable to work, I know that I have value. My value isn't based on if I can work or not. It's based on my morals, and the kind of person that I am.

I think that it's great that you're able to go to school and learn a new trade/skill. Although you may have to start at the bottom and work your way up again, it's obvious that you have the drive and determination to be successful.

I just injured my neck and now I’m on medical leave. My chiropractor has hope that she can help me recover. I never feel good anymore and the chiropractor recommended me getting adjustments three times a week and last case scenario would be either injections or surgery. I am hopeful that this could work. But I lost so much and can’t even take care of myself that much anymore. I tried to get get a caregiver on the days that my parents work so that will put pressure off of them. But I keep being denied because I’m not 40+. I am only 29. They feel bad for me but to a certain extent. Of course they don’t understand. I want my life back and I don’t want it to be falling apart anymore! I want to stay positive but how can I when I’m in so much pain constantly?