I love him, but the distance is killing me

I love my boyfriend more than anything and he does for me, but it’s a long distance relationship and I feel like I’m going insane just cause he isn’t here physically. I’d do anything to just hug him, or kiss him, or even just hold his hand. Except we are both not old enough to do anything for ourselves, we can’t just go visit eachother. He’s literally my whole life, and I depend on him a lot because he is one of the few people I can trust. Both of our parents would be unsupportive of us, no use in asking them. But I’d really just like to be there with him, it would be everything to me and I honestly don’t wanna feel this way anymore. It’s so lonely.

Welcome to the site @los3r-l0ver. What is the approximate timeline where you two can get together in real life? Is moving together ever an option? -SG

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It would be, but it would have to wait for a while. He’s 16, so he can get a license to drive but his parents don’t really want him to. But once he can get a drivers license then seeing each other is a manageable possibility

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Are you the same age? In 2 years you guys could plan on attending the same college, it seems like a long time, but it is manageable. Once you turn 16, you could both get jobs and maybe if a car trip isn’t possible a plane or bus trip is.

I’ve kinda got my mind set on what I’d like to do for college, but as for him he’s still deciding and I’ve been trying to help with that. But once it’s all set, we can figure that whole thing out. Both of us have strict parents so it would take convincing for either of us to go a few states over. But thank you so much for the advice.

At 18 you both have the ability to make your own choices and while your parents have their ideas that may be influenced by religion, you two have to make the choice that is best for one another and for your future.

I’m three years younger, but by the time he’s 18 I’ll be around 15 and my parents I hope will be less strict (meaning I could do things like go to the park on my own) and if he were to come to my state, we would be able to meet up even if it weren’t for long. The two of us have done a lot of brainstorming together and now it’s more of planning.

You are really young, while you believe now this is the person for you, distance may make this an issue for a very long time. We wish we could give you a sunnier outlook, but when he is getting ready for college you will be a Sophomore. It poses a lot of barriers for the two of you to be together.

As a mom I would be concerned my not quite a teenager is with someone long distance that is 3 years older than them.

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The reason I suspect neither families would support us is because neither of us are cis and straight. Where I’m from, 11 years is the norm for age differences.

Well, I really hope things work out for you, maybe it will be a long time, maybe it won’t even be the two of you that end up together, but I hope you get your happy ending or just a really happy story, because you don’t have to be cis or straight to have a great life!

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